Jan 29, 2012

[Progressive House] Florence & The Machine - What The Water Gave Me (Romeo Blanco Remix)

Remindful of the somewhat recent release of his Universal Love single through Flamingo Recordings, Romeo Blanco gives us his cut out of Florence and The Machine’s What The Water Gave Me. Built upon the extraordinary voice of Florence Welch, the 24 year old DJ and producer from Antwerpen, Belgium adds his momentous signature array of chords for a full-blown remix now out to download for free. Borrowing the significant guitar riff of the original and its quite common drum lines for some slight yet substantial tweaks to softly complement his iconical synth sound, this rendition hot out from the smithy may just be the Belgian’s best work to date. Also showcasing a throw-around of playfully chopped up vocal parts and an overall sonorous production, the producer whom is officially signed to the record label of Fedde Le Grand and Funkerman boasts his entirety as a producer yet again in this take on the downright amazing voice and instrumentals of Florence and The Machine. Enjoy and download it for FREE!


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