Jan 28, 2012

[Chill] Emancipator - Elephant Survival

Damm , this song is beautiful, i love to study to the sound of this kind of music :) This is a bit different from the usual but i hope you enjoy it too.
"I'm new to Emancipator's music, and I'm sure many of you will be too. The music is crafted byDoug Appling who creates some masterful beats of electronica, trip-hop, and downtempo vibes. After checking out his collection, it is easy to see why his fan base has grown since he began dropping music. As a thank you to his Facebook passing 30k+ fans, Emancipator released a new tune called "Elephant Survival." The nearly 7 minute song is a epic masterpiece of addicting sounds that come together in one unique package. I literally listened to this song 10 times since yesterday. Listen and download below."


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