Jan 29, 2012

[Electro House] D'anconia - Elodie

D’Anconia is a 22 year-old producer/DJ based out of Los Angeles, CA and Syracuse, NY. Born Andrew Taggart in Maine, D’Anconia started producing at the age of 18 in his dorm room at Syracuse University. His music and popular DJ sets developed a strong following on campus which inevitably spread to other schools. Within no time, he had captured the attention of industry executives as word spread quickly about the unique talent of this young producer. D'Anconia doesn't view himself as just an artist, but rather as an entrepreneur, ultimately looking to invest himself in areas of music, fashion and all forms of media.His sound has often been described as Skrillex meets Hardwell with melodic qualities that will run through your head for days.Enjoy and download it for FREE! 

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