Mar 20, 2012

[Electro] Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out (Mister Perfect's Blackout Mix)

"Reading about DJ's can be boring. It's easy to fall back on the same clichés. But when it comes down to it, are these people more than just a pair of headphones behind a glowing apple?
 20 year-old Clinton Jake VanSciver of Los Angeles, CA never intended to be a DJ, playing guitar and writing pop through his teen years. But after moving to California, he caught the dance music bug. "I switched to electronic music immediately. The possibilities were endless, and it wasn't just about the craft of the song, but the energy as well. Each track is truly an experience."
 And what an experience it was almost immediately, as VanSciver received offers from labels only 3 months after learning to produce. Since then, he's proven to be a substantial force time and time again, being invited to do a guest mix on Sirius XM's "Electric Area" channel and unseating Tiesto at #20 on the Beatport Electro House charts with "Secrets (Electrocker Schizophrenic Mix)" in October 2011. His remix of "Blue" by Eiffel 65 received over 12,000 plays and 500 downloads in the first week alone, after being suuported by countless music blogs. The veterans of dance music agree that he's going places as well, with regular support from Southern California DJ and GrooveRadio founder Swedish Egil, and an appearance on Paul Oakenfold's "Planet Perfecto" radio show. On top of that, his live performance has gained him quite a following; he's a regular at Hollywood clubs like Eden and XIII. Spring of 2012 even saw Mister Perfect fly to Cabo San Lucas to play a show alongside Beardo and Dirt Nasty.
 So we might as well cut the bullshit. Any DJ can get a party going. But if you want a talent with personality, look no further than the bowtie."

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