Feb 16, 2012

[Electro/Dubstep] Tiger & Wolf - Feed The Beast (Remixes: F.O.O.L & Antichrist)

"Tiger & Wolf is a brand new duo from Gothenburg, Sweden, looking to add their flavour to the electro house scene. 'Feed The Beast' is their debut track and it demonstrates the fresh type of sound and feeling they are striving for.
F.O.O.L Remix: Once again F.O.O.L proves why they are some of the greatest producers on the scene. With their innovative and playful sounds and build-ups this remix is a rad mix of styles and beats.
Antichrist Remix: Norwiegan dubstep wonder Antichrist really put their touch to this track and made what every electro release needs these days; an essential-drop-hard monster dubstep tune.
 All in all, this release is a pure scandinavian demonstration of quality electro and dubstep."
Enjoy :)
Original Mix
F.O.O.L Remix

Antichrist Remix


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