Feb 2, 2012

[Dubstep] KDrew - Free EP Volume 4 (EP)

"Kevin Drew first took interest in music at age 14 by way of his father, an accomplished percussionist and DJ heavily involved in the New Jersey music scene. With influences spanning Coldplay and Bruce Springsteen, to Michael Jackson and Maroon 5, he continued to expand his musical style and production across multiple genres including everything from rock and pop, to hip-hop, dance and dub-step. Opportunities to sign deals with television, film and major record companies began to surface as he and his manager continued their outreach and networking, but KDrew preferred to maintain control of his music until the right opportunity presented itself. Indie Music Group, co-founded by KDrew and John Levy, represents the new developing business model for success in today's music industry and encompasses all aspects from writing and producing, to marketing, promotion and more.KDrew is currently in the process of releasing a series of seven consecutive EP's entitled "Free" (Volumes 1-7) which showcase his musical style and range as a producer, songwriter and performer."
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