Feb 17, 2012

Check this blog !

"Beatfind was started by a simple conversation of facebook. A couple of Teens had the idea that they should make a group on facebook where they post sick music that heard of on this one little page. And It was cool! Everyone got a feeling of what tastes of music each other liked! Then I (Demetri Crane) Co-Founder of Beatfind. Decided to make a blog where can we I express our opinions about good music to you! and make it more official.. I am here to give you a gateway to cool new music and fresh new artist. Some you have heard. Some you may not have heard! SHOOT! Some the artist I post I haven’t heard before!! Go figure. So enjoy. And everything on the blog is primarily a free download. Other founders such as Zach ahrens who had the idea in the first place and Rowly Evans have stuck more to the social network, but they still do work on the website. What starts as a small group on facebook could turn out to be big."
This blog is really cool, it has daily fresh new edm tracks and i has also some tracks from other music genres, chect it out :  http://beatfind.blog.com/


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