Feb 20, 2012

[Blog] Dirty Electro Sounds

"Another music blog focusing on EDM? You got it. Dirty.Electro.Sounds. Three words that can define the broad spectrum of EDM. Heck, even take out the sounds part of it and the words dirty and electro can account for the vast majority of music in this rapidly growing genre. Hopefully this site will fill a niche for you with music that ranges from the dirty to the beautiful and everything in between.
The main goal of this website is to make new and old music accessible to the reader and introduce the reader to artists and their music that otherwise would have drifted under your radar. Followers of the website are encouraged to support artists by purchasing songs and full albums from the Beatport links provided and attending live shows. The music is accessible by this website, but it is downloaded from an account on a 3rd-party hosting site."
Check this cool blog, they focus mostly on electro house and dubstep. 

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